What can I do?

Below are some examples of strategies that can be employed to create cool, connected communities: 

If you are a state or local agency:

  • Develop a “blueprint” regional planning process
  • Emphasize infill development
  • Implement transportation demand management strategies (parking policies, congestion pricing, etc.)

If you are a developer:

  • Create transit-oriented developments around high-frequency transit lines
  • Promote infill development
  • Promote mixed-use development
  • Integrate bicycle and pedestrian access planning into development projects

If you are a transit agency:

  • Explore efficient ways of expanding transit operations
  • Develop long-range transit plans to guide future investment
  • Partner with local agencies and developers to support TOD opportunities
  • Develop station access plans to promote access to stations by all travel modes


  1. Michael Pollan wrote a great article called “Why bother?” (http://www.nytimes.com/2008/04/20/magazine/20wwln-lede-t.html?partner=permalink&exprod=permalink) for the NY Times magazine’s 2008 environmental issue on the importance of starting a garden.

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