Posted by: Fehr & Peers | March 24, 2010

Caltrans Releases Smart Mobility Framework

Caltrans has just approved for release “Smart Mobility 2010: A Call to Action for the New Decade”. According to Caltrans Director Randell Iwasaki, the handbook represents “a new approach to integration of transportation and land use that addresses long-range challenges and provides short-term pragmatic actions to implement multimodal and sustainable transportation strategies in California.”

Smart Mobility 2010 provides practical tools and performance-based metrics to evaluate the goals of the Governor’s Strategic Growth Plan, the California Transportation Plan, and bond program projects. The document coordinates land use “place types” with modified transportation performance measures, to guide transportation decisions in a manner that accommodates future growth equitably, respects the environment, and fosters a sustainable economy.



  1. One of the important implementation measures of Smart Mobility 2010 is new Transportation Analysis Report (TAR) Guidelines (see page 111 for details) for Caltrans that are being prepared by Fehr & Peers. These multimodal analysis guidelines will help integrate the smart mobility performance measures into standard practice when analyzing projects on the state highway system or when federal funds are involved in off-system projects.

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